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Kevin Knelman



2011                      Agatha Suite for Classical Guitar
2010                      Litter Bug CD (Green Songs for Kids)
2009                      Project, Where Were the Mothers?
2008                      Vintage Beatles CD
2007                      Beatles for Classic Guitar CD
2006                      Score/Theme Song to Vanessa (Canadian film)
2000                      “The  Invisible Band”CD of all original songs
1997                      Score for Humber College Promotional video
1995                      Classical Guitar works (Three volumes)
1994                      Piano Suite (commisioned)
1993                      Some Kind of Blues (Musical performed at Harbourfront)
1992                      "Sing&Spell" (CD, original children's songs)
1991-present        Script and original music for Time To Read Live
1988-present        Theme song to Time To Read daily on YTV network
1986-1992            Script and original music each year for The Polka Dot Door Live
1991                      Theme song for Les Goons (pilot TV series)
1991                      Score to Les Goons (director John Glossop)
1990                      Theme song for Storybook Farm (pilot children's series)
1990                      Pilot script for Storybook Farm
1990                      Four original stories for YTV's Time To Read
1989                      Songs for CBC's Mr. Dress-up show: I Love Food
1988                      Song: Monkey Walk on Children's Entertainer Jim Parker's touring show. Also on his album Around the World.
1984-1985            Three songs for the hit ABC series Cagney and Lacey
1982                      Theme song for Paramount Pictures' Modesty Blaise
1982                      Co-scored Modesty Blaise with Paul Zaza
1978                      A one-and-a-half hour musical commissioned by CBC: The Snow Queen (Hans Christian Anderson)
                               (Adapted the script and wrote original music)
1970-1978             Scores for Open Circle Theatre Productions: Business as Usual, Soupsong, Grey Owl, The Play Play
1977                      Score for Man Alive (London, Ontario Art Museum)
1976                      Score for Man Alive (Gottland)
1974                      Score for the film Origins, (Jacques Cousteau Society)
1969                      CBC Radio:  An hour with Kevin Knelman, PERFORMING:  (Guitarist)
2010                      Interview/performance with The Rock (Durham Region radio)
2008                      Interview/performance with The Rock (Durham Region radio)
97-2005               Blue Heart duo performing original songs
                              Perform various clubs playing original material.
                              Most recent appearance: The Montreal Bistro
1991-2003            Touring with Cindy Cook in Time To Read Live
96-2002                TV appearances for various telethons
1999                      Guest on Rogers TV Morning show
1998                      Guest soloist on Barnaby Creek CD1995-present (Blue Heart duo)
1982-1992            Touring with The Polka Dot Door Live
1972-present       Soloist/Songwriter in various clubs:
                              Auberge Gavroche;  Baffles;  Le Cassecroute;  Harbourfront; 
                              The Church (Stratford) and many others too numerous to name.
1984                      L'Air du Temps (Montreal)
1983-1984            Puppets Restaurant
1980-1981             Cabaret California (Los Angeles)     
1968-1978            Accompanist for the celebrated Ethnic Folk Singer:  Malka: Toured throughout North America,
                              South America, Europe and the Middle East.
1970's                   TV Appearances:  Bob McLean Show (3 times) Take Thirty


1990-present        Knelman Music Studio, Long & McQuade
                               {Winner of two Royal conservatory of Music “silver medals”, for student with the highest
                                marks in Ontario}
1983-98                 Bayview School of Music
1983-1984              Bloor Music School        
1980-1981              Montessori School of Music
1967-1977              Eli Kassner Guitar Academy